ACM RecSys Challenge

ACM RecSys Challenge is an international competition organised by the ACM RecSys Conference in cooperation with a sponsoring company. Over 100 teams from universities and large companies from all over the world challenge each other to find solutions for real problems related to recommender systems (content filtering software that create customised user-specific recommendations to help users in their choices). During the competition, participants apply various data science techniques, such as machine learning, data mining, game theory and soft computing. The best teams are invited to present their work at the conference.

The Polimi team

Every year since 2016, a new team has represented the Politecnico at the ACM RecSys Challenge: ten students from the Recommender Systems course, coordinated by Professor Maurizio Ferrari Dacrema, researcher at the Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering, tackle the challenge, from online advertising to fashion advice and social media engagement.


Students from the Recommender Systems course are selected each year.


Professor Maurizio Ferrari Dacrema (Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering)