MOOCs - Polimi Open Knowledge (POK)

Online courses free and open to everybody

POK (Polimi Open Knowledge), inaugurated on June 2014 by Politecnico di Milano, is the first italian MOOCs portal (Massive Online Open Courses) providing online courses free and open to everybody.

The main objective of the portal is to support the students, not only from Politecnico di Milano, in crucial stages of their educational and professional career: from high school to university, from bachelor to master degree, from university to the workplace.

Courses are open to everybody: it is sufficient to register to the portal to access videos, contents, activities and self-assessment tests.

At the end of the course, if a minimum score is met, a participation certificate will be issued (not tied to university credits or entrance test to Politecnico).

The technology platform is a customization of Open-EDX, the open source platform released by EDX - the initiative resulting from a joint venture between MIT and Harvard.

Discover active MOOCs connecting at the website: