Integrity and Beyond

Integrity is at the centre of our mission and values and one of the founding principles of our education at Politecnico di Milano. Integrity permeates our educational approach and we want to make sure that everyone is given instruments and the knowledge to carry out integrity through their learning and teaching and into their personal and professional lives. Briefly, integrity is the practice of being honest, and implies having and demonstrating strong ethics. We hold high standards of integrity and ethics for all members of our institution, from students, teaching staff and support staff. We explore this further in our Code of Ethics and Conduct.

We want you to enjoy your learning experience, to build the best knowledge you can and align this with what you want to do in your profession. Learning should be a shared experience where you can discuss your subjects with your peers and teachers.  

At Polimi we take pride in our students and want to try our best to form not only highly skilled professionals but also ethical and integer persons who later move to the workplace. Demonstrating honesty and integrity is a vital skill for life. Moreover, through learning these skills, employers, professionals and friends will respect you and turn to you because you can display integrity, can be trusted and will have great knowledge. Enjoy your studies with us and whenever you need help, be sure to reach out to our student services.

If you want to expand your knowledge on this area, please see our new MOOC Academic integrity and beyond on the Polimi Open Knowledge.

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