Diritto allo studio [Right to education]

The financial aid under the right to education make studying at university easier. Applications are open to students who simultaneously meet the income and merit requirements specified in the call for applications, and who  are enrolled or intend to enrol in a Bachelor's or Master's degree, starting in the first or second semester, a specialisation course or a PhD course (if not already the beneficiary of a scholarship or research grant).

Financial aid is only granted for the academic year covered by the call for applications and is not automatically confirmed for subsequent years.

For students enrolled in the first year of a Bachelor's or Master's degree course, only the economic requirement will be taken into account initially and later the merit requirement, which determines whether the scholarship will be awarded or declined. Students enrolled in the second year onwards must have obtained the number of credits specified in the call for applications in order to fulfil the merit requirement.

By participating in the annual call for applications, the Right to Education (DSU) students can obtain the following financial aid:

  • a DSU scholarship
  • reduced rates for the catering service
  • reduced rates for the accommodation service
  • a supplementary grant for participation in international mobility programmes
  • a supplementary grant for students who complete their studies (degree prize)

The ranking list is drawn up according to the requirements specified in the call for applications. Beneficiary students are awarded a scholarship and reduced rates for the catering service; if studying 'away from home', they can also apply for the reduced-rate accommodation service. Eligible students who are not awarded a grant will still benefit from the reduced-rate catering service.

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In addition to the DSU call for applications, other financial aid to support wider access to higher education are financed through the Merit Fund set up by the university and supported by public and private partners.

Merit-based grants for students "away from home"

Designed for students who live far from their place of study to help them cover their expenses. Applications are open to 'away from home' students who are not beneficiaries of the DSU grant, but who are enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master's degree course, who have signed a rental contract for consideration in their place of study. Students enrolled in the first year of Master's degree courses must have completed their Bachelor's degree at the Politecnico di Milano.

First-year student prizes

To support equal opportunities and merit, each year the Politecnico di Milano awards a prize of EUR 1,000 to the highest-achieving first-year students in each department. Prizes are awarded in second year based on the academic results achieved in the first year of the degree course.

Girls@Polimi grants

Scholarships established by the University to support female students in achieving their academic goals in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The call for applications is intended to encourage female students to enrol in the specific Engineering degree courses detailed in the call, and to support them during their studies. Students awarded the grant are also granted full exemption from paying university fees.

Merit-based scholarships

Every year the Politecnico di Milano offers merit-based scholarships for particularly deserving international students who apply for admission to a Master's degree course. The financial aid is divided into three levels (Platinum, Gold and Silver) and consists of a grant and exemption from tuition fees. There is no call for applications, but all international students with a complete admission application profile, i.e. who have submitted a valid language certificate by the grant deadline, are automatically considered for the award.

Sports merit scholarships

The Politecnico di Milano sees sport as an element of education and therefore rewards students who excel in sports as well as in their studies. Scholarships for sporting merit are awarded to students enrolled in a Bachelor's or Master's degree course who also practise at high level sporting disciplines recognised by the Italian National Olympic Committee or the International Olympic Committee.

Grants for dissertation abroad

This grant provides financial support to Master's degree students who want to develop all or part of their dissertation abroad. There will be two calls for applications: one in October and one in March. To apply, students must have already established the dissertation topic with a supervisor, have already made contact with the host location overseas and plan to stay there for at least eight consecutive weeks.

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Extraordinary grants

Extraordinary grants are awarded to students who find themselves in a situation of temporary and exceptional hardship due to events that have compromised the continuation of their studies, such as: deterioration of the financial situation of a member of the household; serious illnesses or accidents of any kind that have affected the student or a member of their household; natural disasters. Events that have occurred in the two years preceding the submission of the application may be taken into account.
Applications are open to students enrolled in Bachelor's, Master's or PhD courses.
The aid offered by the university is financial and differentiated for 'away from home', local and commuter students.

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In order to enrol for an academic year, students must pay fees, which are deferred in two instalments: the first instalment is fixed and the second is variable. The support measures that include the reduction of the all-inclusive fee include exemptions, which may be total or partial based on the student’s ISEE certificate (Equivalent Economic Situation Indicator). Entitlement to exemption depends on a number of requirements that vary depending on the student's year of enrolment.

For first-year students, entitlement to exemption depends exclusively on their ISEE. For students in second year onwards, it depends on both their ISEE and other factors, such as the credits earned and the number of years of enrolment.

Further exemptions are also awarded:

Exemptions granted following the submission of an application

  • Students with particularly high merit: 50% or 100% exemption depending on merit
  • Students who are parents of young children: total exemption from payment of the all-inclusive fee for the year in which they enrol, for students who are parents of a child aged under six in the calendar year in which the academic year begins
  • Working students, students doing community service or voluntary military service: exemption of 25% of the all-inclusive fee, only for students who have passed at least one exam in the calendar year in which the academic year begins
  • Simultaneous enrolment of siblings: students with siblings belonging to the same household and enrolled at the same time in Bachelor's or Master’s degree courses at the Politecnico di Milano, may apply for a discount of 10% of the ISEE value

Exemptions granted ex officio

  • Students participating in a double degree programme: students who have to enrol for an additional year beyond the duration of their programme may be granted exemption from payment of the all-inclusive fee for enrolling in the additional year
  • Students participating in the Alta Scuola Politecnico programme: 100% exemption from the payment of the all-inclusive fee
  • International students awarded a scholarship: exemption from payment of the all-inclusive fee for the years in which they receive the scholarship

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