Cultural activities

Art and Science

Launched in 2017, the “Art and Science” cycle of events offers meetings in which leading figures in the world of culture, fashion, politics, show business, sport and philosophy converse with the professors of Politecnico di Milano, with the aim of highlighting the close ties that exist between art and science, between creativity and technology.

Meeting with the Author

"Meeting with the author" is the event in which writers and leading figures from the world of culture, politics and business, authors of books and essays speak directly with students and citizens, introduced by a professor from the Politecnico who accompanies them in their narration of the stories, ideas and accounts that spring from interaction with the public.

Historical Archive Exhibitions

To promote its enormous heritage of documents that date back to the foundation of the Politecnico and document its history, and to bring it closer to a wider public than that of its students and researchers, Archivi Storici has organised a programme of public exhibitions in its exhibition space in Via Candiani, in Campus Bovisa, in some cases organised in partnership with other important university and research institutes.

City tours

Series of exclusive tours of the city that touch on Milanese buildings and sites designed or developed by students and professors from the Politecnico. Symbolic sites for the Politecnico in Milan, ones that are not always accessible and which for the occasion reveal anecdotes, trivia and design secrets thanks to our exceptional guides, our own professors past and present.

META Events

META is a interdisciplinary network of academics from the departments of engineering, architecture and design of the Politecnico di Milano with skills in human and social sciences that through the organisation of workshops, debates and conferences, aims to produce and spread knowledge by offering knowledge in philosophical, epistemological, ethical and social matters linked to the processes of science, technology and innovation.


Polimifest is the rich programme of events organised by Politecnico di Milano and open to all to launch the summer season.

Leading musicians, actors and comedians alternate together with the now traditional film event in the gardens of the Politecnico, transformed for the occasion into open-air areas for showing films about the subjects of architecture, engineering, and design. The spaces of the Politecnico thus open up not only to the thousands of students that frequent them every day, but also to the people from local districts – Città Studi e Bovisa – and to all the inhabitants and visitors of the city of Milan.