Sport and leisure


The Politecnico di Milano encourages all its students to practice sports as a time of personal growth and development. Sport is a tool that supports individual development and professional growth; it is a time of socialization, it improves the sense of belonging, stimulates competition and promotes self-esteem. The University runs the Giuriati Sports Centre on the Leonardo Campus and organises activities across all sites (courses, championships, events).

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Student associations and competitions

Two opportunities to experience training in the field. In the various international competitions in which we participate, students can apply knowledge acquired during their studies to actual projects and at the same time develop the soft skills essential to the world of work.

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Become a volunteer

For all those who want to dedicate part of their time to others, there is the possibility to make available to the newcomers all their experience gained in the years lived within our University. Becoming a Buddy or a Polimi Tour guide will allow you to expand your network of friendships and to help international students to integrate in our country, in our city, in our Politecnico.

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Politecnico di Milano constantly works to make available to its students and employees conventions for the purchase of goods or services at a reduced price. Currently the main advantages offered are related to sharing mobility, access to museums and theatres, supermarkets, food delivery, services related to travel.

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