Beyond Academic Integrity

Importance of integrity in all areas of life

Acting with honesty and integrity is important for you for life, and not just a skill we want to help you develop for your studies. We want to make sure that our students represent these values in the world in all the excellent things we know that you go on to do. Integrity is important in your personal and professional life as well and will earn you respect. In your personal life you want to be respected and trusted by those that you meet. Just as you want to rely on other people, people want to rely on you. Being honest also means taking responsibility for things which might not have gone right for you and being open about what happened and why.

Professional integrity

Just the same as your personal life,  including professional life, you want people to be able to trust you and rely on you. When you go into work your employer will expect that you have the skills to do your job as represented by the studies you carried out.If you have not been honest in completing your career, you may well lack some really important skills which are necessary for your job. If you are an engineer, an architect, a designer, for example, people are trusting in your designs to keep them safe, the buildings and technologies to work. It doesn’t matter what professional field you go into, other people will be relying on you, your expertise and the responsibility you have in your role. Professionalism is a really important value and skill for anyone and everyone and something that you can continue to develop yourself.