Honorary Master of Science awarded to Rafael Mariano Grossi

For his fundamental work in promoting the peaceful use of nuclear science

Today, December 2nd, the Politecnico di Milano has awarded Rafael Mariano Grossi, Director of IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency since 2019, an Honorary Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) degree in Nuclear Engineering; it is a particular day because exactly eighty years ago, on December 2nd 1942 in Chicago, Enrico Fermi conducted the experiment that led to realize the first controlled and self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction in history.

During the laudatio Professor Matteo Passoni, Nuclear Engineering Programme Board Coordinator, has underlined the fundamental work carried out by Rafael Mariano Grossi and IAEA in promoting the role that nuclear engineering plays in climate change prevention, mitigation and adaptation, in global health and sustainable development.

In the current difficult context it is essential that a diplomatic organization such as IAEA mantains an impartial, resolute and proactive role in order to find solutions to the many ongoing crises

has pointed out Grossi in his lectio magistralis.

In the motivations for awarding the Honorary degree, Professor Antonio Capone, Dean of the School of Industrial and Information Engineering, has recongnised Grossi’s

exemplary initiatives to promote and deploy the peaceful use of nuclear science and technology, with applications of paramount relevance in areas crucial for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set forth by the United Nations.

The Politecnico di Milano would like to thank IAEA for the important contribution and collaboration provided for the realization of this event.