Psychological Wellbeing

PoliPsi is the free counselling and psychological and psychotherapeutic support service for students and PhD students at the Politecnico di Milano. It employs psychologists and psychotherapists who are experts in relationship dynamics and learning processes and it offers a space in which you can seek advice and receive competent support in times of distress, uncertainty and difficulty related to studies or personal events. Maximum confidentiality and respect for privacy of any data and materials exchanged or collected are guaranteed.

In particular, with the help offered by the service you can:

  • deal with difficult situations encountered upon entering academic life (both of an academic or psychological nature);
  • improve your academic performance (targeting and refining your chosen academic path, the motivations behind it and the most effective personal and cooperative strategies for achieving your desired results);
  • get to know and better understand yourself, others, your most meaningful relationships and the situations that you put yourself in in anticipation of a rich, prestigious and original personal, professional and relational future;
  • better cope with your first work placement experiences, in furtherance of internships, apprenticeships and research activities.

Depending on the specific problem, the service offers varying levels of psychological and psychotherapeutic support and counselling.

If you are interested in Educational Psychological Counselling (for career guidance problems, study delays, doubts relating to the academic path taken, etc.), the service offers:

  • between 1 to 3 individual sessions in Educational Psychological Counselling with a psychologist with expertise in guidance and teaching methodologies;
  • a Seminar on study and learning methodologies.

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If you are interested in the Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Support (for personal problems), the service offers:

  • Experiential Courses and Workshops on specific topics (personality and individual differences, managing emotions, anxiety, self-esteem and self-image, interactions and relationships, soft skills, etc.);
  • after having attended the experiential course, a series of individual sessions every week on Psychotherapeutic Support or Psychotherapy - subject to the availability of specialist resources - with a psychotherapist and psychotherapeutic supervision from the service‚Äôs Scientific Coordinator.

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To request the service, at any time, you must log in to the PoliPsi application from your profile page in Online Services.

For teaching, technical and administrative staff, the CUG has a help desk for issues of work-related stress. A psychological counselling service is also available for staff and members of the supplementary healthcare scheme Insieme Salute; for more information, visit the PoliMI People Care section of the Online Services.



  • Seminars on study, learning and work techniques
  • Experiential learning and workshops on specific topics (personality and individual differences, managing emotions, anxiety, self-esteem, self-image, interactions, relationships, soft skills, etc.)


PoliPsi - Undergraduates and PhD students
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To request the counselling/psychotherapy service, you must log in to the PoliPsi application from your Online Services page.

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