The main foundations, organizations and companies for whom Politecnico di Milano constitutes the reference university are listed on this page.


It conducts research activities of advanced training and consultancy in the framework of ICT technologies.

Website: Cefriel


Consortium for Structural Engineering Construction in Europe. It deals with research and training in the field of insurance.

Website: Cineas


Consortium for the Structural Engineering in Europe. It develops study and research initiatives in the sector of structural engineering construction, privileging interdisciplinary research and studies primarily oriented to European-wide applications and interests.

Website: Cise

Fondazione Politecnico

Founded by Politecnico in partnership with local organizations and companies. It promotes applied research, technological transfer to businesses and the public administration, as well as permanent professional training and internationalization.

Website: Fondazione Politecnico

Mip - Master Imprese Politecnico

Politecnico’s Business School conducts professional training and research activities on management-related issues, with particular attention to technology applied to the management of the business enterprise.

Website: Mip - Master Imprese Politecnico


It deals with professional training and research activities on the issues of designing and promotion of industrial design.

Website: Polidesign


Consortium that deals with applied research, advice and training on sustainability, environment, mobility, territory, participation and decision support.


The complete list of Polimi partners can be found (in Italian) in the "Trasparent administration" section.