Partnerships for the Goals

Politecnico di Milano reaches out to other institutions and players of the civil society to foster sustainability at the local, national and international level. Through teaching, research and public engagement, the university aims at disseminating knowledge and innovation aimed at creating a more sustainable future for all.

Strategic Programmes


Polisocial promotes and encourages new multidisciplinary approaches with a particular focus on human and social development, expanding the training opportunities and chances for discussion and research. It promotes the "Polisocial Award", annual competition with the aim of supporting academic research with high social impact. 

Cooperation for Development

Politecnico di Milano, through the active involvement of teaching staff and adopting a research-focused approach, takes part in a large number of international cooperation for development projects, working in snergy with local partners and stakeholders.

Stories of Cooperation at Polimi

Examples of teaching activities

Passion for Sustainable Development (elective learning activity)

It is part of the “Passion in Action” initiative, a catalogue of innovative elective learning activities characterised by multidisciplinarity, transversality and soft skill development. The path “Passion for Sustainable Development” aims to involve the students in a double process of learning and teaching about the SDGs and global sustainability challenges. The “give back” phase develops peer education projects with secondary school students, in which Politecnico di Milano students take up the role of ambassadors for sustainable development. 

Higher Education for Sustainable Development Goals (MOOC)

This MOOC is open to the general public and aims to disseminate knowledge about sustainability, with a view to reaching the widest possible audience. The course introduces the concept of sustainable development whilst also providing an overview of recent debate and the policies promoted at the global level to tackle urgent environmental and societal challenges. The 17 SDGs are presented over the course programme.

UNESCO Chairs and Unitwin

Politecnico di Milano holds two UNESCO Chairs and manages one UNITWIN Network, promoting international inter-university cooperation and networking to enhance institutional capacities through knowledge sharing and collaborative work in key priority areas related to UNESCO’s fields of competence: 

Examples of research activities

LeNSin, the International Learning Network of networks on Sustainability

Politecnico di Milano, through the Department of Design, is partner of LeNS (Learning Network on Sustainability International). LeNSin, the International Learning Network of networks on Sustainability (2015-2018), is an ERASMUS+ project involving 36 universities from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Central America, aiming at the promotion of a new generation of designers (and design educators) capable to effectively contribute to the transition towards a sustainable society for all.  

Technical assistance to Lombardy regional environmental authority for structural funds

Poliedra, a consortium of Politecnico di Milano, has been involved as scientific partner of Lombardy region since the establishment of the Environmental Authority. The partnership activities in recent years have included the drawing up of calls for local authorities financing sustainable development tools and strategies, the development of environmental criteria, environmental monitoring and assessments, as well as capacity building for local authorities projects.