Decent Work and Economic Growth

Strategic programmes

Politecnico di Milano has established various strategic programmes to offer support to the staff it employs, monitor and steadily improve working conditions, and boost the working opportunities available to graduates.


The Rethinking Polimi for a Post-COVID World project aims to understand the new challenges that the higher education system is facing, as well as how best to address them, focusing on innovative teaching and workspace management, and developing a new plan for smart and remote working.


Actions designed to cultivate and enhance the value of Politecnico di Milano community:
Professional development
Welfare plan
Survey of work climate and wellbeing
European Charter for Researchers

POP PROGRAMME - Polytechnic Equal Opportunities

Pari Opportunità Politecniche (POP): the strategic programme that aims to guarantee a work and study environment that respects differences. The POP programme is structured around five strategic lines of action: gender identity, culture, nationality and religion, sexual orientation, disability and psychological wellbeing.

Career guidance and development

Politecnico di Milano is committed to providing high-quality placement and career services for its students, with a constant focus on the skills and abilities required by companies.

Career service

Politecnico di Milano Alumni Community

This is the project dedicated to the development of a strong community of Politecnico di Milano alumni at all levels (graduates, Master’s graduates, PhDs). 

Examples of research activities

Survey on company and territorial participatory models for health and safety in the workplace

The role of Workers’ Safety Representatives and interactions with prevention actors. Methodologies and tools for a sample survey on the role of Workers’ Safety Representatives at company, territorial and production site level, developed at the Department of Economics, Management and Industrial Engineering. 

Scientific Coordinator: Raffaella Cagliano

Modern artisan

A social innovation project supported by Yoox Net-a-Porter Group (YNAP), carried out at the Department of Design. The aim was to bridge the skills gap in the British textile industry by training the next generation of artisans and providing education and employment for the local community. 

Scientific Coordinator: Valeria Iannilli