Fees for enrolling on study programmes

(Undergraduate, master's, five-year single-cycle programmes)


Fee amount for one academic year

The cost of tuition fees varies according to both the study plan that you will present and your financial status, as determined by ISEE (Indicator of Equivalent Economic Situation). The two instalments must each be paid wholly in one tranche.

For a standard study plan of between 46 and 74 ECTS and an ISEE of up to € 22,000, the amount is € 165.59; for a higher-value ISEE, the amount gradually increases up to a maximum of € 3,891.59. In particular, for an ISEE between € 22,001 and € 30,000, the amount is calculated with a specific formula; for an ISEE higher than € 30,000, the amount is established on the basis of fee bands. Percentage corresponding to the number ECTS in the study plan is then applied to these amounts.

Please Note: International students belonging to the reserved non-EU category, (ie not equivalent to Italian students) who are admitted to Master's programmes with a first-level qualification obtained abroad and who are not recipients of either a scholarship from Politecnico di Milano or other institutions or scholarships awarded for merit and income by the 'Diritto allo Studio' are required to pay the maximum amount in relation to the percentage corresponding to the number of ECTS in their study plan.

Particularly capable and deserving students who find themselves in certain economic conditions can also access "Dritto allo Studio" benefits.

If you intend to enrol in the Online Degree (IOL), follow the instructions provided by the programme site.

First and second instalments

For all study programmes (Undergraduate, Master's, five-year single-cycle) the first instalment amounts to € 888.59 and is to be paid upon enrolment. However, in case of an ISEE with a value of less than € 27,740 this amount will be reduced. To obtain this reduction you must:

  • request an ISEE calculation for university use directly from the INPS website (by accessing the appropriate service, which also requires a pre-compiled ISEE form) or through a CAF (Fiscal Assistance Centre)
  • visit the Online Services [Requests for admission > Insertion of ISEE for matriculation], at least 10 working days before enrolment, and insert the signing date of the Single Substitute Statement (this is the date on which you signed the document that you presented to INPS, directly or through the CAF, to obtain the ISEE calculation)

The second instalment is typically paid in May, according to the arrangements made each year and indicated on the schedule and is calculated taking account of:

  • number of ECTS in the study plan
  • income bracket corresponding to the ISEE or, for those with income and assets abroad (or both abroad and in Italy), from the Equalised ISEEU

The second instalment varies from a minimum of € 0 to a maximum of € 3,003 (for a standard study plan).

To get a reduction from the maximum second instalment amount, you have to:

  • starting from January, request a new calculation of the ISEE for university use from INPS or a CAF; if you have income or assets abroad (or both abroad and in Italy), you must request the calculation of the Equalised ISEEU according to the process described on the dedicated page
  • while waiting to receive the ISEE, you must visit the Online Services [Data > Taxes and financial benefits > ISEE Declaration] and insert the signing date of the Single Substitute Statement

Please note: the maximum amount is automatically requested from students who do not submit an ISEE and from international students belonging to the reserved non-EU category (ie not equivalent to Italian students), enrolled in Master's programmes who have a first-level qualification obtained abroad and are not recipients of a scholarship from Politecnico di Milano or from other institutions, even if they have an Equalised ISEEU.

The second instalment with its amount will be payable through the Online Services, approximately one month prior to the payment deadline. The payment is to be made, within the established terms, through the Online Services (Data > Taxes and economic benefits > selecting 'Last unpaid request').

If you want to find out more about the payments, visit the section dedicated to student fees.

Deduction of university expenses

The payment of university fees is included as one of the expenses for university education and training for which a 19% tax deduction is applied.

Refund of fees (following withdrawal from studies)

  • The newly enrolled students in the first semester of Undergraduate, Master's or five-year single-cycle programmes who withdraw from their studies by 13 November 2023 are entitled to a refund of the first instalment.
  • Students enrolled in the second semester of Master's programmes can request for the first payment to be refunded by 15 April 2024 

To withdraw from your course, go to your Online Services [Dati di carriera > Career data > Suspension or Withdrawal Requests, follow the process indicated in the appropriate application and complete it with the payment of the stamp duty. 

Please note: the application for withdrawing from studies will be managed by the Registrar’s Office, which will carry out the necessary checks for acceptance and definitive registration.

If you need access to other universities you can SELF-CERTIFY that you have submitted your withdrawal application online.

The refund of the first instalment does not include the € 16.00 stamp duty and the insurance (9.59 €) and is not payable in the event that registration certificates with stamp duty have been requested and have been used.