Activa (Piacenza)

What is it?

ACTIVA S.C.S.D. is a sports facility manager rooted in the Piacenza area since 1989.

The facilities you can access for a discounted fee (see below) are:

  • Centro Sportivo Farnesiana - via G. di Vittorio, 29122, Piacenza - a 25m swimming pool and a well-equipped gymnasium, with fitness courses available
  • Centro Polisportivo E. Franzanti - Largo Anguissola 1, 29122, Piacenza - a 25m indoor pool in winter, a 50m outdoor pool and a gymnasium for fitness courses in the summer
  • Piscina Raffalda - via M. Casella 4, 29121, Piacenza - 25m indoor swimming pool

What are the benefits?

In the 2023/2024 academic year, Politecnico’s students and employees can make a monthly subscription at € 30 per student/employee + € 20 annual membership fee.

How does it work?

To be granted the discounts, you must present your university ID card and a valid identity document directly to the facility.

A medical certificate of non-competitive sports fitness is required to use the service. The medical examination can also be taken at an agreed price at Studio PAV in Via Bolzoni 5, Piacenza.

For further information

 You can see the opening hours directly on the facility's website: Activa - Società di Gestione di impianti sportivi e piscine a Piacenza (


For information on dedicated discounts write to: