Teatro Elfo Puccini

What is it?

Born in the early 1970s, Teatro dell’Elfo is one of the most important Theaters of Relevant Cultural Interest in Italy. After the first venue in via Ciro Menotti, in 1992 it joined Teatro di Porta Romana and gave life to a new private permanent theater, called Teatridithalia, which became a point of reference for the city culture. In 2010 the current location was inaugurated in Corso Buenos Aires: the twentieth-century Teatro Puccini, redesigned as a contemporary art theater. The three rooms, dedicated to Shakespeare, Fassbinder and Bausch, exemplify the artistic and programmatic manifesto: the practice of contemporary dramaturgy, interdisciplinary programming, the compactness of the artistic core and work with and for the new generations of artists and spectators. Today Elfo is also the first Italian theatrical institution to have obtained the recognition of a social enterprise, with the involvement of spectators and citizens.  

What are the benefits?

Teatro Elfo Puccini offers Politecnico community some tickets at discounted prices:

  • 22,00€, instead of 34,00€, for tickets purchased at the ticket office
  • 12,50€, instead of 34,00€, for tickets of the shows included in the promotion available on Politamtam for students and through email for employees 
  • 38,00€,  9,50€ each ticket instead of 34,00€, for the subscription to four shows of your choice

How does it work?

To enjoy the benefits dedicated to Politecnico community, you have to:

  • show your university badge or another Politecnico document, if you buy the ticket at the ticket office 
  • use the dedicated link, available on Politamtam for students or on the intranet for employees, with credit card payment if you buy your ticket online 
  • call 02 00660606 to buy your ticket by phone, with credit card payment 


For information on the shows and promotions: +39 / biglietteria@elfo.org

For information on the agreement: communitylife@polimi.it