Teatro del Buratto

What is it?

Teatro del Buratto is a theatrical production center, born in 1975, that consists of two realities, two storytelling places, two theatrical spaces open to audiences of all ages: the Bruno Munari Theater and the Verdi Theater (currently under renovation).

What are the benefits?

Teatro del Buratto offers Politecnico community discounted tickets within the season Insieme a Teatro 21-22 at the Munari Theater: € 8,00, instead of a full ticket at € 10,00, for Saturday and Sunday performances for children, teenagers and families. Each Politecnico user can buy a maximum of 2 discounted tickets. For further informaion look at the programme

How does it work?

To enjoy the benefits you need to show at the ticket office your university badge/card. Each card / bagde gives the right to purchase two reduced tickets.

For furthe information


For information on the shows and promotions: 02 27002476 - info@teatrodelburatto.it 

For information on the agreement: communitylife@polimi.it