Spazio Teatro No'hma Teresa Pomodoro

What is it?

Founded by Teresa Pomodoro, No'hma is a free and independent theater. Open to topics often excluded by the traditional culture, it breaks down walls, mixes languages and cultural codes to identify new ways of communication, creation and artistic elaboration. The goal of each theatre season is to talk about different aspects of the planet and of our soul.

What are the benefits?

No’hma will reserve to Politecnico community on request free seats without limits for all the shows and events organized by the theater.

How does it work?

To enjoy the benefits dedicated to Politecnico community, you have to present at the ticket office your university card/ badge and an identity document. You can book tickets using your polimi email ( or, on the website, writing to or calling +39 02 4548 5085.

For further information