What is it?

HelloFresh is the world leader meal-kit delivery service.
A service that delivers all the fresh ingredients directly to your home with illustrated recipe cards for cooking healthy and tasty dishes.
You can choose from over 20 recipes on the menù every week and manage your dinners easily through the app.

What are the benefits?

HelloFresh offers Politecnico community a special discount up to 125 euros on 5 boxes ordered through the website hellofresh.it/polimi23.

The discount is divided as follows:

  • up to 50 euro discount on the 1st box ordered
  • up to 30 euro discount on the 2nd box ordered
  • up to 20 euro discount on the 3rd box ordered
  • up to 15 euro discount on the 4th box ordered
  • up to 10 euro discount on the 5th box ordered

This offer is available only for new costumers and it cannot be combined with other promotions.

How does it work?

To get the discounts, Politecnico users must register on the HelloFresh.it website with the institutional email address (@polimi.it for employees and @mail.polimi.it for students) and use the discount code: HELLOPOLIMI23 or click directly on: www.hellofresh.it/polimi23

For further information



For delivery information: 02 38592568 - www.hellofresh.it/contact-us

For information on the agreement: communitylife@polimi.it