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The BRITISH LANGUAGE SERVICES / LINGUAVIVA organizes TOEIC test sessions reserved for students of the Politechnic of Milan and offers special prices for the subscription fee and specific test preparation sessions for TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT E GRE:

  • TOEIC SPEEDY TEST on PC (students receive instant results at the end of the Test + the results on their personal POLIMI page: 117,00 €)
  • Paper Based TOEIC Test with Express correction (within 6 days) + the results on the personal POLIMI page: 107,00 €
  • Test subscription No Express correction (with results given within 12 days): 91,00 €
  • Possibility of changing the test date to the following session: which will be free of charge if the due date is changed by 12 o’clock not later than 8 days before the planned date.
  • The Test results are visible on the personal POLIMI page trough the Personal Code which will be indicated during the subscription.
  • Institutional Score Report (paper certificate) free of charge.

Preparation for the TOEIC TEST

A packet of “TOEIC no PROBLEM” through an Online Course.

This includes, Test subscription + a 31 day preparation course, which offers 24hrs access + several opportunities of a free of charge Test simulation: € 205,00;

Test subscription + a 10 day preparation course, which offers 24hrs access + several opportunities of a free of charge Test simulation: € 185,00;

€ 20,00 discount for the packet Test + on line course for tests held in February and March.

TRICKS 4 TOEIC* covers theory, practice and tips to give the students ideas as to how to pass the test. 

This course is held by native speakers. Click here for further information;

TEST + 10 day course on line + four 45’ lessons of TRICKS 4 TOEIC:€ 227,00

Four 45’ Lessons (tot. 3 hrs/week): € 98,00

* (group session minimal 2 people)

- On line simulation of the Test, free of charge for those who have signed up for the test.

- Free counseling on study plan and the content of the test (by appointment)

- We offer 25% discount on the individual lessons in preparation to the TOEIC test: one can choose a package of 20, 10 or 5, ninety minute lessons.

The lesson are flexible and we give the opportunity to cancel planned lessons by 16.00 the day before the planned lesson.

Personal development

“English coaching” is aimed at those who intend to develop besides the classical contents of an English lessons (grammar, lexical extension, pronunciation and writing skills) a long term strategy to extend and consolidate one’s knowledge of the language.

The aim of the course is to build up a program which will enable the participant to be able assess one’s own progress in a clear lapse of time.

The awareness developed throughout the course, together with the self-learning instruments employed, will in fact enhance the participants’ ability to identify their future needs regarding English language, both privately and professionally.

In addition, the course is meant to provide several opportunities to practice some of the soft skills that are most required in today’s professional world, such as active listening, effective communication, autonomy, self-confidence, team work, adaptability, recognizing and managing stress (resilience). 

This will be done in the context of group coaching, using specific methods (discussions, simulations, role-playing, etc.).

The course will be held entirely in English and is addressed to students with at least a B2 level.

Click here for further informations.


Via C. De Cristoforis 15, 20124 Milano
Ph. +39.02.6596.401 

Information and dates on the Linguaviva website.