Merit Project

The Politecnico di Milano, at the request of the student representatives, has allocated part of its tuition fees to a fund supporting equal opportunities and promoting merit (the "merit" project). The merit fund finances the following initiatives:

  • extension of merit-based exemptions to first-year master's degree students (about 670,000.00€) - see the Fees
  • integration of Erasmus scholarships (440,000.00€) - see Erasmus
  • contributions to international competitions (30,000.00€) - see How to Apply
  • prizes for the best students of each School, conferred at the 2nd year on the basis of academic achievements in the 1st year of the three-year degree (202,500.00€)
  • scholarships for theses carried out abroad (290,000.00€) 
  • Scholarships for particularly deserving students considered away from home (320,000.00€)
  • sport scholarships (50,000.00€)