Optional changes to Study Plan in the second semester

Attention: the following pages are subject to revision and will be updated as soon as possible for the academic year 2023/2024

In the second semester, you can make changes to the Study Plan only if you are a student enrolled in Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science) and in Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science) Study Programmes of the Engineering Schools and of the School of Architecture Urban Planning Construction Engineering.

You can make the following changes:

  • add or delete requests only for courses of the second semester of the academic year of submission
  • change the training activities provided in the first semester of the ongoing academic year by varying the position from as extra to required or vice versa

Unpermitted amendments:

  • Amendments to PSPA (approved study programme - orientation or track) defined when the Programme was submitted

If you do not want to make any changes, you do not need to do anything.

Attention: as part of the half-year change, it is not possible to self-certify passed exams not yet registered on the career and if you are enrolled in a Study Programme of the Schools of Architecture, you cannot change/add laboratories.

After deadlines provided, it will not be possible to make changes to Study Plan (except for students who have completed an OFA - additional educational obligations). In particular, if you have entered more than 74 ECTS, you will not be able to request the reduction of the ECTS number in order to avoid the increase of contributions to pay up to 130% in all-inclusive contribution.

For more information consult the deadlines section.

Academic Year 2023/2024