Anno accademico 2023/2024

Exam Sessions

The academic year provides:

  • an exam session at the end of the 1st semester
  • an exam session at the end of the 2nd semester
  • an exam session in September
  • an special exam session in November for students who are about to graduate

The start and end dates of examination periods are shown on the academic calendar.

The dates of the exam sessions are available through the online service.

Registration to exams

To be able to sit an exam session, you must register within the deadlines provided through the Online Services. Once you complete the exam registration process, the system issues a receipt protocol number that you must keep as confirmation of your enrollment.

You can register to an exam only if:

  • you paid all university tuition fees
  • You can only register for an exam if you have confirmed your enrolment for individual courses or a Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science), with notification of your Level 1 degree by the deadlines given in the schedule
  • that course is included in your Study Plan
  • you passed all propaedeutic exams related to the one to which you want to be registered
  • you attended the course, in case the attendance is compulsory

You may also register after the deadline set by the School. In fact, you may register up until midnight of the actual exam date. In this case, your registration will be accepted as conditional, and it will be up to the teacher’s unappealable decision whether or not you may be admitted to the exam in question.

In any case, you cannot register to an exam session after the deadline as listed above. Similarly, students who are not registered cannot sit the exam.

Only for ongoing tests, the registration procedure is not provided (unless otherwise stated by the professor).

Assessment Criteria

The methods and criteria for assessing the student's performance are made available by the professor at the beginning of the didactic activities and they can include possible obligations to attend courses (lectures, exercises and/or laboratories) and possible ongoing tests.

Results of the evaluations

At the end of tests, the professor makes a final assessment of the student, that can include three cases:

  • the student is PASSED (the score is expressed in thirtieths, minimum score 18/30, highest score 30/30 with honours)
  • the student is POSTPONED (RM) to the next exam date
  • REJECTED (RP), as to say the student is postponed to a next exam session

The results of exams are available on the Online Services and at the place of the exam and in the notice board of the Department or School of reference.

Registration of the evaluation

After the exam, you can ask to see the written tests, to book an interview with the professor and, possibly, to reject the evaluation. You will receive an email with the deadline for this kind of requests; after that, the evaluation will be registered and you will not be able to repeat the exam. The registered evaluations and those waiting for registration can be seen through the Online Services.

Exams and educational credits

When the student passes successfully an exam, he/she acquires the educational credits corresponding to that course, as indicated by the Educational Regulations. It is possible to acquire educational credits without a score only if provided by the Study Programme Boards.