Changing degree programme to "Urban Planning: Cities, Environment & Landscapes"

The information available in this page refers to the 2023/2024 a.y.
The admission modalities for the 2024/2025 a.y. will be published in a few months.

If you are a student who is already enrolled at the Politecnico di Milano and who wishes to transfer to the Laurea Study Programme in Urban Planning, you must submit your request through the Online Servicesbetween 15 May and 20 July 2023

You can change programme:

  • by taking the Urban Planning entrance test; if your position in the ranking allows you to enrol, you must follow the instructions available on the page "When and how to enrol", as well as the instruciont below (in the section "Deadlines" and "Procedure to request an evaluation of your previous career")
  • without taking the admission test for Urban Planning, if you have at least 30 ECTS recognised in your previous academic career, as listed in the table of the Guide for changing BSc

Notes for all students

A change of study programme can be requested only before the beginning of the academic year, according to specific procedures. 

Even if the study plan (submitted after the conclusion of the transfer procedure) is completed with all the ECTS required for graduation, admission to the final exam is not allowed until the English OFA​​​​​​​ has been completed.


You can request an evaluation of your previous career between 15 May and 20 July 2023.


Using your person code and password, log in to Online Services and select "single cycle Laurea (equivalent to Bachelor of Science): course transfers and admission after previous career". You can request evaluation of your academic career for a maximum of 3 degree programmes. You will be required to pay €60.00 for each evaluation request. This fee is non-refundable.

Follow the screens and carefully read the information shown on each page. The application will ask you to declare if you want an evaluation of your previous career.

If you declare that you "want the evaluation"

This means that your previous academic career will be evaluated and the result may imply that certain courses can be recognised. As a student enrolled at the Politecnico, you will see your entire previous career displayed on the screen. Please remember to state, among the exams you have yet to pass, which ones you are going to take after the submission date of the application for your career evaluation (to do this, use the '+' button next to the course). In case of non-selection, you cannot take any exam of the study programme of origin in exam dates after the submission date of application.

If you have undeclared careers at other Universities and you wish to apply for exams taken in that educational career to be validated, you can apply for this during the evaluation request procedure by clicking on "edit/add titles" and providing the University and the Laurea study programme data, by manually adding the data related to the passed exams mentioned above. Click on the "confirm" button to complete the career evaluation application and proceed with the payment. 

This process must be completed for each programme for which you are requesting admission. To request evaluation for three different programmes, you must complete the procedure three times, by selecting ‘New request’ each time.  

You will be required to pay €60.00 for each programme for which you request evaluation. This fee is non-refundable. Once Politecnico di Milano has received the payment, the evaluation request will be sent to the board and can no longer be changed. 

The time required to process each evaluation may vary. If you have requested multiple evaluations, the acceptance of one evaluation will automatically invalidate any others. Academic records will be evaluated by 7 september 2023. We recommend that you wait for the results of all evaluations before accepting any of them.

You must log back into the application, view the outcome and either accept or reject it by 13 September 2023.

Once you have accepted the outcome of your academic record evaluation, the examinations from your original programme that have obtained OPTIONAL APPROVAL (see ‘YES’ beside the relevant approved examination in the ‘optional approval’ column) may be taken on the exam dates scheduled in the 2022/2023 academic calendar, even if they are after the date on which your request for an academic record evaluation was accepted: if passed, they will be approved; if not passed, they will become New Attendances on your new degree programme.

If you declare that "you don't want the evaluation"

You are declaring that you do not want the recognition of exams from your previous academic career. This cannot be changed later.

In this case, it is only possible to change programme by passing the Urban Planning test and being placed in the rankings link, depending on the different enrolment periods.

If you are placed in a ranking, continue with the change of programme according to the enrolment periods deadlines for each ranking. 

Paying the enrolment fee

If you have taken the Urban Planning test and are placed in the ranking, you must proceed with the change of programme, according to the deadlines for each ranking; and proceed with payment of the enrolment fee by 13 September 2023, by downloading the IUV payment slip found at Online Services > Tuition fees > Last unpaid application, valid as enrolment for the Academic Year 2023/2024.

If you are not required to take the Urban Planning test, you may proceed with switching programmes and pay the first enrolment fee by 13 September 2023, by downloading the IUV payment slip from Online Services > Tuition fees > Last unpaid application, which counts as enrolment for the Academic Year 2023/2024.