Diploma supplement

You can obtain the Diploma Supplement (DS) in several of ways:

  • Digital or paper copy of the DS without signature and stamp, a few days after graduation, can be downloaded independently, in PDF format, from the Online Services (Degree - Final Exam > Diploma Supplement). You may print the file and have a paper version without a stamp and signature. Many institutions and companies accept the DS in this format. Investigate if recipients need a version signed by Politecnico di Milano personnel.
  • A digitally signed copy of the DS can be requested through Online Services (Degree - Final Exam > Diploma Supplement > Request the DS with digital signature). Important note: the document has value only if used as a file; printing the document has no value, as the signature is on the file and not on the printed copy. After the digital signature is affixed, you will receive an email and download it directly from Online Services.
  • A paper copy of the DS with stamp and handwritten signature can be requested through the Online Services: Degree - Final Exam > Diploma Supplement > Request DS with stamp and handwritten signature or Data > Certificate and self-certification.

You must decide if you want to receive the paper copy by post to your address or another address you will provide or collect it from one of the collection points.

If you cannot come in person it is possible to delegate a third party: in this case, the delegated person must bring a proxy signed by the delegating person, a copy of the delegating person's identity document and their own identity document, photocopies of documents or documents shown on different media (phone, tablet etc.) are not allowed. The proxy form can be downloaded from the Forms section.

For more information on the Diploma Supplement see the dedicated page.