International internships

The experience of doing an internship abroad enriches your curriculum and your education, helping you find a job faster. It is also important as a life and cultural experience.

The Career Service offers services and initiatives to allow you to experience internships abroad:

To prepare your applications, the Career Service puts at your disposal:

- an online course on how to make a CV
- the possibility of receiving personalized advice on the CV and more, with a Career Advisor at the Assessment Centers or online

Before starting an internship experience abroad, remember:

  • that before leaving you must have an internship contract (Internship Document) signed by you and the host organization, prepared or verified by the Politecnico, which guarantees you insurance coverage on civil liability and in case of accidents during the internship (read which is the procedure to obtain it, in 10 days)
  • that you may need a visa (check with the host organization which visa you need to apply for)
  • that some countries allow only compulsory internships, according to the study plan

For more information, contact or visit the Career Service Internship Center.