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11 months


Digital transformation now involves every sphere of the world economy. There is no business, public administration or individual citizen exempt from the effects of this phenomenon, which through new technologies enables the transformation of the way people live, work, organize themselves in businesses and structure entire sectors. The shift to digital, is not only inevitable, but also irreversible, tremendously fast and ubiquitous. This is even more true in light of recent global events in which digital has played an unquestionably central role by entering even more deeply and irreversibly into our lives. It is not just a matter of learning about and adopting new technologies, such as social media, Quantum Computing, Business Process Automation, Generative AI, Internet of Things, Blockchain, to name a few, all of which are now strongly converging. In fact, digital transformation imposes a drastic change in the models of action and mind sets of decision makers. First and foremost in the traditional models for developing innovation, which are no longer sustainable, often slow, closed and sometimes expensive. Our new Executive Program in Digital Transformation is conceived and designed to help executives, managers, entrepreneurs and professionals equip themselves with the correct key to look at the digital future from the perspective of entrepreneurial opportunity and not from the rearview mirror. Through its 20 years of experience in its training tracks in the Digital Innovation area and within its applied research center of Digital Innovation Observatories (www.osservatori.net), the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano has been aiming for years to provide managers, entrepreneurs and professionals with an integrated, recombinable and contextualizable portfolio of methodologies and tools to support decision-makers competing in the maelstrom of digital innovation.

Educational project

Provide a holistic view of the strategic, business and organizational impact of digital innovation and its key macro-trends. Deepen the links between the fundamental concepts and processes of Digital Innovation, Digital Transformation and Digital Strategy, providing a rich portfolio of models, approaches, techniques and tools for their analysis, design, execution and governance. Strengthen and extend managerial and entrepreneurial skills related to the opportunity to leverage digital technologies to consolidate existing business models or create and validate new ones. Equip with the ability to read the impact of digital on private lives and organizations to know how to design new organizational and work models, rethink business processes to make them flexible and collaborative, and know how to manage change. Provide a broad and critical overview of key technologies and application solutions, with particular reference to emerging technology scenarios such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Industry 4.0, Big Data & Analytics, Robotics, Process Automation, and Internet of Things. Ensure a strong connection and networking with the community of practice on the topics of Innovation and Digital Transformation, thanks to the broad involvement of C- level (Chief Information Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Chief Digital Officer), Business Executives and leading Entrepreneurs.


Bachelor/Master of Science. Equivalent Foreign degree in in their respective University Systems will be considerd valid.



Faculty and staff






POLIMI Graduate School of Management (MIP Politecnico di Milano – Graduate School of Business Società Consortile per Azioni) ED. 26/A VIA LAMBRUSCHINI 4C 20156 MILANO

Contact person

FRANCESCA MUZZI 3484611428 muzzi@gsom.polimi.it